Swedish interview in Malta

We have chosen to interview Swedes living and working in Malta. We do this so job seekers from Sweden can get a little better perception of the life in Malta from people who have already taken the step of move there and have worked there for a long time. It’s a big step to move abroad and we want to help our candidates to make that step as small and easy as possible.

Check out the entire interview below, both in video and text.

Video Interview

Why did you move to Malta?

The reason I moved to Malta was that I was a bit tired of Sweden, the weather and wanted to try something new. I got a pretty interesting job offer down here so I thought why not just try.

Tell us about your work experience since you came to Malta.

First when I moved to Malta I started working with sales and stuff (within iGaming). I was there for around 10 months and enjoyed myself very much but got another job proposal as a Sportsbook Coordinator at a specific gaming company and took it. Since then, I’ve been feeling really well and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about there, its great.

How was it to find accommodation and relocate yourself in Malta?

When we moved here the company had a flat that we stayed in for around 2 weeks. Most companies actually have that when you get down to settle down and so on. After that we have actually had two different apartments, first one near my old office and after that we moved to a new flat closer to my current office. Enjoy everything with it, very nice apartment so it’s lovely.

What are you doing on your days off?

Well, in my spare time, I live in Malta so go for a swim and sunbathing is quite obvious that you do. Then you get to know a lot of new people too, many friends so hanging out a lot with them and then I have my girlfriend here too, so we usually spend a lot of time together as well. So there’s always something new to do so that’s probably the least problem.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

My schedule, I’m going for a so-called “monthly schedule” that you get at the end of each month where times vary. It’s not a Monday to Friday job but it’s varied. So sometimes i’m working early, sometimes I’m in the middle of the day and sometimes a little later. I think it’s great because then you can vary the day according to how you want it. If you start late, you can go to sunbathing and so on earlier at lunch etc. If you work earlier, you have the evenings available so I think it works really well.

What do you think is the best with Malta?

The best in Malta I would probably say is the climate, of course, when you come from Sweden and the living environment is quite relaxed too, which I think is very nice. Then you meet a lot of new friends and so on, creating new contacts and I appreciate that very much. I would say that´s the best. Then there are very good places to swim and sunbathe, that’s also an advantage of course.

There are a lot of Swedish people living in Malta, was that a security for you when you moved here?

Well, there are many Swedes and Scandinavians living here so of course when moving down, it was a good security to have, if you needed anything, you knew that you could get help. There are many nice groups that help and so on. Then there are mixed nationalities here, and that’s a lot of fun I think. Now I work with lots of different nationalities, I’m the only Swedish there so you learn a lot about everything all the time. I think that is very useful and a useful experience that I will take with me in the future, of course.

Tell us about your future plans!

The goal for me right now is to keep working as I’m doing down here, I really enjoy everything from both work and life in general. I think it’s a very fun industry to work in, a lot of challenges all the time, and if you want to be good then you can progress well in a good way too. So it feels quite important to me too, to know that you can move up if you give everything you can and continue to develop every day. It’s a fun carrot to keep striving to get higher all the time.

There the interview was completed and as you can see and read there are many positive things with Malta. It is not only the nice weather that attracts Swedes to Malta but also the industry, the adventure and the career opportunities.

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